Guidelines for Business Conduct

To establish key principles and guidelines for conducting the business in order to comply with laws, rules, regulations, professional standards and good corporate governance. The Guidelines applies to all directors, management and employees of Kiatnakin Phatra Financial Group as follows 

Conflict of Interest

  • Business Activities; Ownership of Securities
  • Transactions with Related Persons

Corporate Opportunities

Confidentiality Obligations

  • Nonpublic Information
  • Media, Publishing and Public Appearances
  • Client Information Privacy

 Fair Dealing

  • Providing Suitable Products and Services to Clients
  • Unethical Behavior; Relationships with Competitors, Clients and Partners
  • Gifts, Gratuities and Other Payments Related to the Group’s Business
  • Customer Complaints

Respect for the Individual

Safeguarding the Group’s Information, Assets and Property

  • Business Use
  • Proprietary Information and Intellectual Property
  • Compliance with Internal Controls

The Group’s Written and Electronic Communications

  • Access to the Internet
  • Written and E-Mail Communications
  • Communications Monitoring

Compliance with Law

  • Cooperation with Investigations
  • Specific Policies and Regulations Affecting the Group
  • Commitment to Promoting Ethical Conduct
Guidelines for Business Conduct